Paul Simmons

DSA Approved Driving Instructor

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According to the latest Government survey people learning to drive buy on average 52 hours of professional driving tuition each and take on average 14 months to pass the driving test.

With LDC's LD System of driving tuition and our expertly trained instructors the average number of hours to pass the test is closer to 30 - a potential saving of 22 hours or £500 in driving lessons.

The Learner Driving System has been developed for maximum progress and ease of learning.

In short you would watch a video or read the chapter in the comfort of your own home which shows an example of the lesson you are going to do next. Then you would check your understanding of the lesson by doing the short quiz in the workbook

When it comes to the valuable in-car time hopefully not too much time would be spent parked at the side of the road explaining what is going to be worked on during the lesson.

At the end of the lesson the progress monitor is updated so that both you and your instructor can see exactly how far you have progressed and what is left to cover.

For a full description of the system and it's benefits click here.